Trust your instincts. Follow your heart.


Trusting Leadership

Trust lets you have an attitude of openness and sharing towards others.

When you create healthy, trusting relationships, you are more likely to have a workplace that is productive and enjoyable. You can develop this trusting attitude by opening up with others, sharing decision-making authority, and helping others grow as they take on more responsibility.

Trusting doesn’t mean you are naive and let other people take advantage of you; it means you confidently share more of yourself so you can build better relationships and get more done.

  • Open up, and show vulnerability and humanity with others
  • Solicit others’ opinions on decisions that may affect them
  • Encourage employees to handle important work decisions on their own
It's Your Ship

It’s Your Ship

This book can help you change the course of your ship, no matter where your business battles are fought.

Leadership and the One Minute Manager

Leadership and the One Minute Manager

From Leadership and the One Minute Manager® you’ll learn why tailoring management styles to individual employees is so important; why knowing when to delegate, support, or direct is critical; and how to identify the leadership style suited to a particular person.

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