No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


Kind Leadership

In the context of servant leadership, kindness is about the attitude you express toward the future.

The circumstances of business are constantly changing, and leaders help others adapt and adjust these changes. As a servant leader, a kind attitude is something you can’t afford to keep to yourself – it must come out openly through the words you express. You know that enthusiasm is infectious, and that expressions of confidence make a difference in the attitudes of others as you work together to create a positive future.

Cynicism and pessimism have a negative effect on motivation and morale. As a servant leader, you are expected to encourage others in their efforts and express optimism in all situations, particularly in times of adversity.

  • Speak optimistically about the future
  • Express confidence that goals will be accompolished
  • Talk enthusiastically about what needs to get done
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